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What are the Benefits of Dyslexia Tutoring Programs?

Dyslexia personalized tutoring can turn out to be very efficient and beneficial for students, not to mention reassuring parents that their children are in good and professional hands. Dyslexia tutoring goes beyond traditional tutoring and education programs, allowing us to help children suffering from this condition overcome both academic and emotional barriers. By focusing on improving your child’s reading, writing, and language skills, as well as building their self-confidence, we help build a strong foundation and help shape their education along with the way they interact with others. Da Vinci tutors use advanced teaching methods for students with learning disabilities, which usually go beyond just reading and writing assistance.

1. Learn in a safe environment

Children with dyslexia have to feel safe and comfortable when tackling tasks such as reading. Classrooms can be overwhelming, but private tutoring helps ease the learning process so that children can show up confident at school.

4. Build confidence

Stuttering while reading in front of a classroom can be harsh. By investing time in your children to build on their academic skills, we manage to boost both their reading abilities, as well as their confidence.

2. Learn how to read

One of the most known inconveniences of dyslexia is the inability to read fluently. Our tutoring sessions guarantee that students receive extra one-on-one attention when it comes to improving their reading abilities.

5. Improve grades

Once your child starts studying with us, improvements will start to show. By helping children study and teaching them intuitive ways to learn, their school grades will eventually start improving.

3. Polish writing and language skills

Da Vinci tutoring lessons ensure that your child will improve their spelling, writing, and language skills thanks to our teachers’ personalized methods. 

How Da Vinci Collaborative Helps with Dyslexia Tutoring

Here at Da Vinci, we know each child is different and alternative teaching approaches are required to strengthen their reading, writing, and overall language skills.

Our certified dyslexia tutors are equipped with the necessary tools to teach special education classes and work privately with dyslexic children for the best results.

One-on-one sessions are extremely beneficial for students, because dyslexia requires alternative and specific teaching techniques that are lacking in school classrooms. Alternative education programs are a great resource for dyslexic kids to strengthen both their academic and social skills.

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  • We continually go back to Da Vinci Collaborative for our professional development needs. Always a productive use of our teacher’s time with strategies and techniques they can utilize immediately in the classroom. The team at Da Vinci have a very clear understanding of students and their unique needs with problem solving methods to support their growth and development.

    Jeanne Dowling Director of Special Education West Islip School District

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