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The Long Island, New York area has over 200 private and parochial schools and 127 public school institutions, not to mention the many post secondary education opportunities. While Long Island is a great place to find a good education, too many children can fall behind or get lost in the masses and fail to get the individual educational help they need to succeed long term. That is the benefit of tutoring, providing students of all backgrounds with individual help in the subjects they are struggling with and giving them the skills they need to enjoy learning and be self-directed, lifelong learners. Long Island, and the state of New York, offer hundreds of options for tutoring, from individual tutors to tutoring centers, and opportunities for help across all academic subjects. However, if you are looking for a tutoring center with the backing of experts in educational research and methods, then Da Vinci Center, in Long Island, NY is a great option for your child. We serve students all across the island, with an emphasis in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and we have virtual services and options available to serve students all across the state of New York.

Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring is often seen as a resource to help a child get better grades and test scores. However, this is a narrow concept of the benefits of tutoring. Tutoring is not just for students struggling with grades. Instead, tutoring is meant to be a resource to help with a wide variety of learning needs to both help a student succeed academically and also to help them develop the skills necessary to become a proficient, self directed, life-long learner. While tutoring offers many benefits, here are some of the top reasons your student may benefit from tutoring.


One on One Attention

Many students struggle to learn in a large classroom environment. When a teacher moves on and a student doesn’t understand the material, this often leads to panic when the teacher builds on that material to teach the new concept. If a student is struggling to keep up with a certain subject, tutoring can give them the extra boost they need to catch up and stay ahead of their work and not feel embarrassed when they aren’t keeping up with their peers. In a one on one or small group environment, the student can ask questions, work through additional problems, and make sure they understand the material so that they can learn the next concepts without being afraid or feeling discouraged and growing further behind.


Study Skills

Many students in a large classroom fail to gain the skills not just of academic knowledge but also of how to learn. Learning how to learn is just as important if not more important than learning the academic material itself, because gaining proper learning skills allows a student to be self sufficient in their learning and to direct their own destiny. Tutors or a tutoring center can help students learn and practice skills such as accountability for assignments, studying without distractions, reading comprehension skills, note taking methods, and other essential skills that will benefit them both in school and in life.


Identifying Learning Styles

In recent decades, education research has continually challenged the assumption that there is one way to learn and has shown that people can learn in a wide variety of ways. Children, and even adults, simply do not all learn the same, and different techniques and methods work better for some than others. Often, students who struggle as a verbal or auditory learner may struggle in the general classroom as they are not able to learn as quickly in that environment. Professional tutors, such as those found in tutoring centers like Da Vinci Collaborative, can help students to identify their personal learning styles and to adapt their method of learning to better match their unique style. While a teacher in the larger classroom may not be able to adjust their method to meet every student’s needs, a tutor can devote more individualized attention to helping the student discover their learning style and to making a plan to help that student use their learning style to learn better both in and out of the classroom.


Helping Children Learn to Ask for Help

Learning to seek help when we are struggling is something that everyone has to learn in their lifetime and the same is true for students in school. Many times a student feels ashamed or intimidated to ask questions in front of the whole classroom, and will therefore go without asking and become frustrated or discouraged. Tutoring gives a chance for a student to gain confidence and learn to ask their questions and get the help they need in a smaller and less intimidating environment than the general classroom. This allows them to learn to be confident in their abilities and to be unafraid to ask for help, which is a skill that will change their life for years to come.


Testing Skills

Students who struggle with standardized testing can also benefit from tutoring. Students can take practice tests with their tutor, review missed questions to identify problem areas, and work with the tutor to improve their scores and test taking strategies. Very rarely are students taught the necessary skills and strategies for taking standardized tests and this leads to many students who have a good understanding of the material but fail to demonstrate it on the test due to poor test taking skills. Tutors can work with students on these test taking skills to help them better demonstrate their knowledge on tests in the classroom and allow them to perform well on standardized tests needed for higher education admissions.


Learning Disabilities and Special Needs Tutoring

Students with learning disabilities or special needs will often benefit from getting additional help at a tutoring center. Tutors, and especially those found at a professional tutoring center, will often have additional qualifications and training that can help them work with students who have specific needs or learning disabilities. This additional training allows them to be a better individual resource for schools, parents and their students than what can be provided in the classroom or even sometimes the student’s resource room.


Tutoring centers can offer specialized assessments to determine your student’s current learning abilities and difficulties and can create a customized plan for their success. They can also use different teaching methods and strategies such as multi-sensory approaches and other means to help students with special needs learn how they learn best. Students who struggle with a wide variety of needs or disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, language processing difficulty, dyslexia and many other needs can all benefit from the individualized approach that tutoring offers. Tutors can use their professional expertise and training and their individualized attention to help these students get the resources they need to succeed even despite their present challenges.


Types of Tutoring: Online or Private Tutoring vs a Tutoring Center

Tutoring can be provided in many ways, from online, to hiring a private tutor or using a professional tutoring center. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses, and parents and school administrators will need to help decide what is right for their student. Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of each method to help you see what may be right for you.


Private Tutoring

Many parents or school administrators will choose to hire private tutoring services to help a struggling student. Most often, private tutors are hired by parents themselves, as schools may not always pay for individual tutoring services depending on your district and state. One of the main reasons many people choose private tutoring is for the flexibility of scheduling and the one on one interaction with the student. Private tutoring allows you to schedule the tutoring time when it best fits in your schedule and because they work just one on one with the student they can get to know the student well and can devote their sole attention to that student and their needs. However, some of the disadvantages of private tutoring include cost, training, and the need for greater research to determine if the tutor can meet your needs. Private tutoring can be expensive depending on the tutor and they may not always have the qualifications that your student needs. Parents or educators must also do the research and background checks to verify the private tutor’s credentials on their own, which can take additional time away from other responsibilities.


Online Tutoring

Online can be a great resource for people who need a flexible schedule and help with general subjects and who may not be able to meet with or afford a private tutor or tutoring center. Online tutoring is often slightly less expensive than private tutoring, however, the options are much less customizable to a student’s needs with online programs. Students also will miss the in-person interaction experience that can help them gain valuable skills in interacting with others and will not be able to ask questions or work with the tutor one on one as readily as through in person instruction.


Tutoring Centers

Tutoring centers are a great option for students who need specialized instruction above what a private tutor can provide, and a tutoring center can also offer additional resources that come from being a part of an education organization. Tutoring centers can offer assessments to determine a student’s learning style, and they can develop customized plans, work with students one on one or in small groups, and can provide specialized instructional methods and expertise that comes through their experience and resources as part of an education research organization. While tutoring centers also require a cost for parents or school administrators, they may be comparable in some cases to the fees for private tutoring and can offer additional resources based in education research that can better meet your student’s needs. However, tutoring centers must work with children during their hours of operation which in some cases can make this option a little less flexible than private or online tutoring.


Services at Da Vinci Collaborative Tutoring Center

Da Vinci Collaborative operates a full service tutoring center in Long Island, New York as part of our effort to improve education opportunities for all students. We want to give students the best chance to succeed by helping them learn in the way they learn best, no matter their challenges or education needs. We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Small Group Tutoring
  • One on One Instruction
  • Assessment and individualized student plans
  • Multi-sensory tools and approaches
  • Highly qualified NYS licensed staff
  • Exam preparation training
  • Study skills workshops
  • Specific area curriculum support

At Da Vinci Collaborative, all of our programs and methods, including alternative teaching methods such as multi-sensory tools, are designed to adapt instruction to match the learning profiles of each student.  Da Vinci Collaborative offers students, parents and families access to a broad range of clinical services that includes evaluation (neuropsychological, educational, assistive technology, etc) direct instruction for remediation and intervention, academic content area curriculum support and enrichment, exam preparation training (Study skills workshops, SAT, ACT, Catholic school entrance exam), behavior and emotion regulation training.

At Da Vinci, our motto is tutoring, assessment and development and helping students learn to learn in the way they learn best. To help support this mission, in addition to regular tutoring services, we also provide Dyslexia Specialists Assessment, Diagnosis Academic & Core Specific Tutoring.

We have specially trained staff to help students with dyslexia improve reading comprehension and overall learning skills. We also offer tutoring in specific subjects based on the student’s assessment and our diagnosis of their need as well as working with parents and administrators to formulate individualized plans for student progress. In addition to formulating a plan, our licensed staff will support parents and educators with weekly communication and reports on student progress.


Our Staff

We have highly trained education therapists that help with our tutoring and all of our staff are New York State (NYS) licensed professionals. We hire only those with a passion for learning and our staff have experience and are certified in offering a wide variety of education methods including multisensory Orton-Gillingham methodologies, metacognitive comprehension practices, executive function coaching, multisensory mathematics, and literacy-centered activities. At the Da Vinci tutoring center, we ensure that all of our staff are experienced and qualified to help meet the needs of your student in a safe and engaging environment designed to help them feel confident in their ability to learn and succeed. Visit our team page to learn more about our staff and give us a call for more information. We would love to answer any questions you have and see how we can be a resource to help with your student’s needs.


Areas We Serve in Long Island, New York

We can serve students all across the state of New York and all throughout the Long Island area. However, most of our regular in-person students are located in the Nassau and Suffolk areas. Feel free to give us a call and we would love to see how we can help you.

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What people have said about Da Vinci:

  • We continually go back to Da Vinci Collaborative for our professional development needs. Always a productive use of our teacher’s time with strategies and techniques they can utilize immediately in the classroom. The team at Da Vinci have a very clear understanding of students and their unique needs with problem solving methods to support their growth and development.

    Jeanne Dowling Director of Special Education West Islip School District

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